All You Need To Know About Orange Oil

According to the research done, did you know that after chocolate and vanilla, orange is the third wold’s best flavor? Did you also know that the color orange originated from the popular orange fruit? Tae Yun Kim stated, “Oranges strengthen your emotional body, encouraging a general feeling of joy, well-being and cheerfulness”. Oranges are one of the most popular citrus fruits that are very rich in Vitamin C. Many of the people, both young and old, enjoy eating the juicy and delicious fruit not only because of its energy boosting effect, but also because of its many health benefits. Recently, it has been discovered that oil can be extracted from the fruit’s peels and many people have been amazed by the many benefits that have come with this oil.

Origin of sweet Orange oil

Orange oil is extracted through the process of cold-processing from the orange peel and it yields 0.3%-0.5%. It may also be extracted through distillation although it causes the oil to lose its quality. The round bright orange fruit with a rough skin is picked from trees with dark green leaves and white flowers. This kind of trees are mainly found in China but they are now widely cultivated in America.
Have you been wondering how to protect your furniture against destruction from insects? Orange oil is the best solution! Orange oil is also widely used for flavoring of sweetmeats, desserts and liquor. When applied externally, it helps in the maintenance of a youthful appearance. Such are the orange essential oil uses.

Orange oil properties

Orange oil has a sweet, sensuous and fresh scent, just like an orange. A slightly more delicate fragrance is felt from oil that is extracted from bitter oranges. Its color ranges between yellow and orange. It however has a time period of approximately 6 months which may be relatively shorter compared to other essential oils.

Chemical composition of Orange oil

All You Need To Know About Orange Oil

All You Need To Know About Orange Oil

The main chemical components of orange oil are geranial, neral, citronellal, linalool, limonene, myrcene, sabinene and a-pinene.

Therapeutic properties of Orange oil

1. Anti-inflammatory

Orange oil can help treat inflammation by reducing irritation and pain to both internal and external body parts.

2. Cholagogue

Since orange oil promotes secretions such as endocrine and exocrine from appropriate glands, it therefore promotes lactation, menstruation and release of digestive juices and enzymes.

3. Anti-depressant

It helps to eliminate nervousness and tension, replacing those kind of feelings with happiness and lightheartedness. This oil is highly used in aromatherapy since it reminds you of pleasant memories. It creates a relaxed feeling making it perfect for people who suffer from chronic anxiety.

4. Antiseptic

Whenever someone has cuts on there bodies, they are highly likely to suffer from bacterial infection, especially if the wounds have been caused by an iron object. When applied, this oil helps to prevent the wounds or cuts from getting infected since they inhibit microbial growth.

5. Insecticide

This oil may help in elimination of houseflies since it is highly effective against the larvae and pupae of houseflies. It may also help in treating lice when massaged on your head.

Beauty benefits of Orange oil

Orange oil helps in maintaining healthy and glamorous skin. Since it helps in the production of collagen, it makes it an ideal anti-aging cream. When added in creams, it detoxifies the skin by improving the lymphatic system. It may as well help to cure acne.

Orange oil should not be stored in a warm environment or close to flower essences. It should be stored in a cool environment. It should be tightly capped and kept away from children or pets. Orange oil blends perfectly with other essential oils making it a basic kit.

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